February 5th 1996 - July 11th 2016 Rest In Peace my Friend.

A Facebook post writen by Hicaliber Horse Rescue:


It's because of her that so many of you found your way to HiCaliber that fateful Valentine's Day 2015.
She was unwittingly the poster horse of neglect and betr...ayal, a tragic illustration of the bad that can happen when there's no accountability in rescue.
A prize-winning race horse who earned more than $200,000 on the track, Warp had been starved nearly to death when HiCaliber arrived on scene. Jen Smith, HiCaliber board member and one of the first to see her, remembers: "I will never forget her in the shit-filled stall, skinny as hell and ready to give up." Of the 34 horses we saved from Fallen Horses, she was the worst. Just days after arriving, she went down as live cameras rolled. Too weak to get up we thought we might be losing her.
The med team tended to her throughout the night. Miraculously, she pulled through and began to put on weight. After all she had been through, we decided to give her time off to just be a horse.
Warp served as matriarch of the Fallen Herd, proudly standing watch over those who came with her. She was queen to ConMan's king. Pure nobility.
On one of Warp's routine checks she was found to have canker in her back feet. The only thing more troublesome than the canker was her desire to try and take out Michelle when she dared to treat her. A foster, experienced in treating canker in problem horses, was quickly found and Warp left for her next adventure.
In the months that followed, her foster fell in love with her. She saw her through the worst of her issues, got her under saddle and even floated the idea of adopting her.
We are heartbroken to share that this would be Warp's final chapter.
Following is a letter to Warp from her mom, written last night:
As I sit here in your pen, late at night listening to you munch on your goodies, breathing, and just being a horse... I am so over filled with emotion that I'm not quite sure what to feel. I keep remembering what a certain horsewoman said recently, stating that you would "never be anything special"... and of course, with all of my other emotions bundled up it makes me angry, bitter, sad and depressed. In the end, I guess I'm just grateful you were in my life.
I admit, I can't help but feel a piece of me feels like I failed you; we were supposed to prove everyone wrong. We were supposed to prove THAT horsewoman wrong. Prove that you weren't trash, or someone's throw away... you werent just some broken down race horse, or just a rescued Thoroughbred.
We were going to work out, get fit, hit the trails and ground running. Everything was going great.... until it didn't.
Things started changing for you -- and changing dramatically fast. The farrier, the chiropractor, the vet, you name it... we ALL tried one thing after another to determine what was going on. Until one day a blood test proved it all -- CANCER.
Seriously? This was NOT A PART OF THE PLAN. Cancer?? Why!?!
I was so worried about wanting to prove everyone in the world how wrong they were that I didn't realize -- all that mattered, was THAT I ALREADY KNEW IT.
I'm sorry that it took me this long to wake up and see it for myself. I'm sorry that I didn't shout from the mountain tops that you were the shit and everyone better recognize. I'm sorry that I never officially adopted you and made you mine in every way of the meaning -- as you did claim a huge chunk of my heart. I'm sorry that I didn't spend enough time in your stall letting you wipe your snott all over me like you insist on doing right this second. BTW -ewwww.
I'm sorry if I have failed you in some way... I just wanted everyone to know YOU, just as I have. I want you to know that you are very much loved and very special to us. I've seen you want to tear off people's heads for touching you one second and the next, I've witnessed teenagers wiping their tears with your mane and you hugging them back as they quietly whisper to you about all their hardships.
And just today, I haven't said a single word to you... but you know it and you feel it. There is an epicly eery quietness about you. I can't explain it other than sobbing.... I don't know how you know, but you do. And you're perfectly at peace with it while I'm over here having a melt down equivalent to a five-year-old, ugly tears and all.
For now, I'll leave you be... munching down on your sweet feed and homemade apple and carrot cookies... made just for you.
I promise the next one who comes in, I'll find it in myself to bask in everything about them. I promise to appreciate them more and spend more time with them and I promise to keep listening to my gut as you've proven there's always a diamond in the rough.
I hate goodbyes... so for now,
I'll see you later.
Your Foster mom 💝
Rest in Peace.... Warp 2/5/1996 - 7/11/2016

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