​& Repurpose

   "FREE to A good home"

Doesn’t that Phrase just give you the Heebie-jeebies???
​well, ever wonder -What happens when someone who isn’t a good home finds these FREE animals? what happens when it is a good -or so we think good home and then Life- just happens????

​Every once in a while, a animal comes along and tugs at our heart strings.

we ARE NOT a 501c(3) Nor do we have ANY intentions of becoming one...
but, we do believe in helping others.

Here, we will get dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and other odd ball random animals that come across our computer screen that just tug at our hearts.... and when said animal just has no where to go?? where do they go?

They come here.
we get them the necessary Medical, farrier (if required) care &
And then we responsibly rehome them.

Every animal that comes through our threshold has been medically evaluated by a licensed professional, seen farrier care (again, if required).
comes with a strict adoption/rehome contract with a first right of refusal and no auction or Shelter stipulations and is microchipped to us with our updated information, and branded (if its livestock) so the said animal will always be claimed and will never be "lost in the system".

again, we are not a rescue.... we just help give a leg up to those in need.