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A Note From RSS:
​Thank you to all of our campers and parents and Staff who made this year a HUGE sucess... this would had never been made possible if it werent for you!
​we love you all and love having you apart of our family...
2016 was a trial-run, and we have a learned a lot from our mistakes and have grown to appreciate this learning experience.
​there were many requests to make a sleep-over-2017-camp... and all i can say, is as of right now - its being worked on!
​We look forward to seeing everyone again this year!
Remeber : "it's in Knowledge, that we grow"

​                                         Sincerely,
​                               ResSolutionStables Family
2016 Summer Ranch Camp
  1. Session 1
    The Old West
    June 13th - June 17th
    Lets Boot SCOOT N Boogie! Have fun playing like Cowboys and Cowgirls. Learn about horses, transportation in the old days, how people planted & harvest food as well as raising it.
  2. Session 2
    Pirate Week
    June 20th - June 24th
    errrrr Maaaties! Anchors away! get your skimmers on lets get wet! fun buildin yer own ship, and tugin N warin.
  3. Session 3
    Homestead Fun
    June 27th - July1st
    DONT HAVE A COW! ok, well maybe you do want one. Learn to milk a cow, make cheese, butter, what's it like to take care of baby chicks, planting our garden and plenty of arts and crafts to go along..
  4. Session 4
    July 4th - July 8th
    RED WHITE AND BLUE FUN! Make our own Flag, Learn about the Patriots and frontiersmen of our country. Who can rope the steer the fastest and relay races.
  5. Session 5
    Jurassic Journey
    July 11th - July 15th
    grab your bearskin shirts& tank tops! we are painting everything that walks! can you make your rock into a wheel? what!? why not! well its, ok if you can make it to the supermarket, we are Making our own Jerky
  6. Session 6
    A Luau Blow Out
    July 18th - July 22nd
    Leis, grass skirts and flamingos! we will play beach ball pass, Sand bucket toss and dress up the horse (or donkey) in Beach fun!
  7. Session 7
    American Indian War
    July 25th -July 29th
    Native American Games, such as Toe toss stick, Buffalo Rope, & Keeper of the Fire. Lots of Painting and feather crafts
  8. Session 8
    Super Hero's
    August 1st - August 5th
    Super hero vrs Villian... who will win? Dress up, act out. the one week we will do movies, Superhero Obstacle Course, Pass the Kryptonite, Blast the Villain and a web hunt
  9. Session 9
    Harvest Week
    August 8th - August 12th
    You reap what you sow. garden take home. Above and Below Gardening, Farm weaving, Garden collage of seeds, Dress a scarecrow and run
  10. Session 10
    Mission Impossible
    August 15th-August 19th
    007 has nothing on you! this week we will Diffuse The silly string Bomb, spy training and cake hunt

Learn how to Care for Animals, Ride Horses & Grow Food

** AGES 5 - 18 **

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm 

with Before and after hours available $4 per hour

Weekly Guest Seminars from different animal experts, Learning everything that there is about horses, feeding, grooming, riding, trail riding, hiking, tug - a - war, build THE ultimate slip and slide, painting, how to milk a cow or goat, making cheese/ butter, Raising baby animals to adulthood, roping, archery and so much more!

* We do ask Parents to provide a sack lunch, we will only be providing healthy snacks and drinks

*For those interested in the full summer, we have Camp Shirts, and a craft that will be a lifetime memory keep sake

Daily Rates : $40
Weekly: $200

** Buy 3 Sessions, Get the 4th one 1/2 off 
Put 1/2 Down on all 10 sessions, get $350 off the initial price

No Child Left Behind Program​
Payment Plans available for those Qualified
*Click HERE*  To find out more.